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Decades of experience ensure our customers the best quality, performance and service!

We manufacture diamond tools, in particular diamond hollow drills with different bonds and grain sizes for drilling on materials such as stone, glass, ceramics, tungsten carbide.
In particular, we have more than 30 years of experience in diamond tooling for the gemstone industry.
We can work together with you or independently to produce a diamond tool for you according to our experience.

You have a large selection of designs available for your application, this means for you:


different grain sizes are possible
all bindings (hard to soft) for a wide variety of materials
all bore diameters and intermediate diameters available
Wall thicknesses and crown heights are variable (technically dependent on the diameter of the drill)
Sintered core drills can be manufactured with or without coolant holes / slots
Connections are freely selectable

Galvanic tools both proven and interspersed


For questions you can reach us under Tel .: +49 6781 2176636 or via our contact form.


New Products


Composed of our professional-quality products. Everything you need to start directly with a standard bench drill, including diamond hollow drill and ejector (Core expelling needle)!

The starter set includes:

 1.  drilling adapter for shaft F with automatic ejector
 2.  water connection
 3.  pressure hose 2m
 4. magnetic insert holder for fixing the inserts
 5. one stainless steel insert
 6. two plastic inserts
 7. counter pin suitable for the diamond drill
 8. sharpening stone
 9. one diamond hollow drill "shank F",

      the drill diameter 1.0 to 2.5 mm freely selectable!
10. ejector suitable for the selected drill

Starter-Set complete

279,00 €

For questions about our products, please call +49 6781 2176636 or send a message at Info@diabohrtech.de