PROXXON Table Drill Maschine

Powerful, durable DC motor. Spindle drive via triple pulley with the advantage of almost 6 times the torque in the lower speed range.

400,00 €

Table Drill Maschine GS

The Table Drill GS is a rebuilt machine specially designed for drilling gemstones, glass, quartz and ceramics. Our drills are cooled by the machine spindle with coolant.

1100,00 €

Table drilling Maschine with adapter set

You can use our diamond hollow spindle adapter set in any stand drill, especially for drilling gemstones, glass, quartz and ceramics.

780,00 €

Grinding / polishing machine

The combined slitting, grinding and polishing machine SLB 4-15 / 20
On this device you can mount either 15 or 20 cm sanding / polishing wheels, as well as flat grinding.

2200,00 €

Cutting Machine

The cutting base SNB-25
The cutting machine is for a diamond saw blade (completely harmless to the fingers) of max. 25 cm diameter = max. Cutting height of 10cm.

1270,00 €