Bench Drilling Maschine with Adapter

Our diamond hollow spindle adapter set can be used in any stand drill, especially for drilling gemstones, glass, quartz and ceramics.


Original PROXXON drill description:

The drilling machine has a powerful 220-240 V permanent magnet motor and a spindle drive with triple poly-V belt pulley. This brings the here very important advantage of almost 6 times the torque in the lower speed range (for large bore diameter).

Quill feed for sensitive working and practical drill depth indication with adjustable stop as well as a precision mounted drilling spindle.

The machine is equipped by us with a personal protection switch!


Technical specifications:

Motor 220 - 240 Volt. Spindle speeds 1,080, 2,400 and 4,500 / min. Quill stroke 63mm. Height adjustment via crank 70mm. Projection 140mm. Usable table surface 200 x 200mm. Pillar 45x 500mm.



1x table drill

1x 2m pressure hose

1x small drill adapter

1x water connection (IG G3 / 4 ")

1x plastic insert flat

1x plastic holder ball

1x insert holder

5x stainless steel pins

1x sharpening stone

1x diamond hollow drill



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